My love for lavender started last year with 250 plants. I love everything about it: planting, tending, harvesting and drying. The slowness and peace perfectly compliment the rush of training horses the rest of the day.

Our home base of Athens is located in Southeastern Ohio, an oasis of culture right in the middle of Appalachia. Even with the many cultures that Ohio University brings, most of us are stuck in the '70s. Athens' inventive small businesses produce our own beer, wine, milk, cheese, pasta, salsa, sauces, beef, and pork, and is home to a nationally renowned farmer's market that proudly sells some of the best organic products anywhere. Don't even get us started on our funky restaurants, bars and The Fur Peace Ranch.


The good thing about training horses and farming is you get to work at home with all your friends, horses, dogs and customers. The down side is, you can't help but look at the empty space and decide what to fill it up with.

So many have encouraged us to open our newest place to hang. Daughters, friends, artists and crafters. For now our hard working crew consists of myself, Marti Klinger, my tractor-driving, green thumb and jack-of-all trades, Gary Klinger, and Becky deLaval, a local teacher of 30 years and a forever artist and gardener. JoEllen Schrow is my official designer and painter and Kathryn Cooper has been graciously number crunching for me. But don't be surprised if you see kids wearing spurs planting this spring.


Always throw salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, grow Lavender For Luck and fall in love whenever you can.