A Month of Blessings + A Big Announcement

What a blessing this month has been. The Hidcote and Twickle Purple were so pleased with the weather that they bloomed unexpectedly early and full, in their deep purple buds. Never did I imagine harvesting immediately after planting 500 new lavender plugs. We have over 150 bundles hanging to dry and the Grosso and Phenomenal are beginning their harvest as well. We've planted over 15 kinds of cut flowers and herbs as well, and some of their colors are beginning to show.  


On top of all that, having a grand opening for the Lavender For Luck Studio is looking like a reality. We have set the date for July 9 and have a most amazing group of local artists and craftsmen that will be presenting their ware for your pleasure. Erin Stevens has been working non-stop putting together art and products that you will be fighting to have in your home. Gary has the fire pit made and we have some surprises we're hoping to pull off in time. Save the date now and toast a glass of Pleasant Hill Vineyards wine with us.

And the best blessing of all is the healing of my tumor. No signs of it are showing up in images and the surgery and remaining treatments should be a piece of cake. Many thanks to all for the prayers and support. Let's play ball!

April showers and showers and showers...

We have the rows tilled and the new lavenders and herbs are growing and waiting to be planted. All the other flowers under lights in the basement are growing and waiting...for it to stop raining.  It needs to stop long enough to actually dry up.  The alliums came up wonderfully but are now thoroughly saturated.  Last years lavender survived the winter. Now if it can only survive the rain!

The store is coming along nicely and with just a few more days on the bathroom I should be able to do all the fun decorating. Gary made me a table for crafting and cutting flowers and I painted it Rose. The stairs are ready for their stencils now that they're covered with multiple shades of lavender and toast.

Horses are coming in and show season is here. Sydney Whiting and Rescue My Assets won every class in Lancaster on Sunday as far as I could tell and Jo Sherow and PS Ima Hottie will be hitting Winfield this weekend.

Now, it just needs to stop raining. May is looking like my planting month!