April showers and showers and showers...

We have the rows tilled and the new lavenders and herbs are growing and waiting to be planted. All the other flowers under lights in the basement are growing and waiting...for it to stop raining.  It needs to stop long enough to actually dry up.  The alliums came up wonderfully but are now thoroughly saturated.  Last years lavender survived the winter. Now if it can only survive the rain!

The store is coming along nicely and with just a few more days on the bathroom I should be able to do all the fun decorating. Gary made me a table for crafting and cutting flowers and I painted it Rose. The stairs are ready for their stencils now that they're covered with multiple shades of lavender and toast.

Horses are coming in and show season is here. Sydney Whiting and Rescue My Assets won every class in Lancaster on Sunday as far as I could tell and Jo Sherow and PS Ima Hottie will be hitting Winfield this weekend.

Now, it just needs to stop raining. May is looking like my planting month!

Lavender For Luck: Our Story

I've spent the last 30 years training and showing quarter horses with my daughters and customers, loving every minute of it.

But a slope on part of our farm was begging me to plant something on it. For two years I ignored it, pondered on it, rode by it and packed up for another horse show.

A broken rib that insisted I sit down and take a break finally gave me the time to begin my love for lavender. We began our obsession by studying through the winter and planting 250 plants on Mother's Day and preparing for another 750. As we waited for the young lavender to grow, I was busy ordering all kinds of lavender products, discovering what I loved and what I wanted to produce from my someday-mature plants.

The healing and calming effects of lavender

The antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties lend its uses to so many products and I simply can't be without the smell.

I'm addicted to its calming effects, never going too far without my stash of oil. I even use it to calm my customers' horses before training and competition; on my border collie, Jillie, who hates thunder storms; and of course on the grand babies before naps.

An unexpected use

However, it was my recent discovery that I have breast cancer that has changed my need and gratitude for finding these oils. After two weeks of chemo my face turned bright red and splotchy. It couldn't tolerate soap and my moisturizer wasn't even touching it. I made my own face cleanser and soothing facial oil that gave me my skin back after three days.

After breaking out in an allergic rash, again it was the oils that took the itch out. I'm quite sure that if it can help my "chemo skin," that any dried out skin for any reason can be helped as well. 

Visit our shop to see what lavender products we have for you, or contact me directly with any questions about our farm or products.